A Festival of the Bulgarian yoghourt will be held in September in Momchilovtsi

A feast devoted to the unique Bulgarian yoghourt will be held between 22nd and 25th of September in Momchilovtsi Village, Bulgaria.

The main aim of the event is to popularise the traditions in yoghourt and white cheese’s producing, as well as the wealth of the Bulgarian folklore, the local customs and authentic crafts in the Rhodopes.

During the festival you can enjoy variegated programme with an exhibition of producers of yoghourt and milk products made by traditional Bulgarian methods; milk products’ tasting; competition for best yoghourt, white and yellow cheese; an exhibition of producers of homemade jams, herbs, tea, honey and other organic products; an exhibition of arts and crafts.

The feast’s programme also includes a show “The Rhodopes beauty” – a national competition “A Queen of yoghourt – Miss Rhodopes”. The event’s guests will be able to enjoy the creations of the children’ drawings competition, a photo exhibition, and a culinary show, united of the Bulgarian yoghourt’s magic.

Representatives of the Chinese company Bright Dairy have visited Momchilovtsi village for the first time in 2008 to research and study the secrets of the health and the longevity of the people in the Rhodopes. Due to the company’s experts, the key factors about that are namely the wholesome qualities of the local yoghourt and the nature in the Rhodopes Mountain.

Bright Dairy produces its own product named after the Bulgarian village in China that promotes Momchilovtsi as a longevity place. The Chinese company has the aim to assist for a high quality of life, health and long life of the Chinese families.

The Bulgarian yoghourt has its fans also on the other side of the globe – in the United States.


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