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Reasons why to visit Bulgaria if you are UNESCO sites lover

We are ready to give at least ten reasons to visit Bulgaria, especially if you have

The 10th-anniversary edition of the Burgas Sand Figures Festival continues till September

The 10th-anniversary edition of the Burgas Sand figures Festival is one of the biggest summer attractions

Complete your event list for 2017 with these 5 Festivals in Bulgaria

These 5 festivals in Bulgaria will make your summer really amazing. There will have lots of

5 amazing Bulgarian caves

What do you think about caves? If you are a fan and keep searching for new

Buzludza ranks to be one of the most sinister buildings in the world

Abandoned monument on Buzludzha peak in Bulgaria is one of the 13th most sinister buildings in

10 videos will popularize the Bulgarian EDEN destinations

10 promotional videos will popularize the Bulgarian EDEN destinations. The shorts films are with one and

The World Snow Day will be held on the 14th of January in Borovets

The famous Bulgarian winter resort Borovets once again will be part of the World Snow Day

The Male Ice Horo Dance in Kalofer – a Candidate for UNESCO

Due to an ancient tradition, the 6th of January is celebrated as Yordanovden (Epiphany) in Bulgaria.

10 curious facts about Varna

The Dolphinarium in Varna is the only attraction of its kind on the Balkans. Opasen Char

The Best Summer Attractions on the Black Sea Coast in 2016

We had selected the best attractions at Bulgarian sea coast, that can enrich your summer vacation.