5 amazing Bulgarian caves

What do you think about caves? If you are a fan and keep searching for new experiences, there are lots opportunities in Bulgaria. Here below you can find our collection of some of the best caves in Bulgaria:

Dyavolskoto Gurlo (The Devil’s Throat)

The cave attracts with its enigmatic beauty and the tallest underground waterfall on the Balkans, formed by the falling waters of Trigradska River. The Devil’s Throat is part of the unique karst of the Trigrad Gorge and is located North from the town of Trigrad. The cave is named The Devil’s Throat because of the form of one of the entrances. The local people tell another story about the name’s origin – due to them everything that gets into the underground maze disappears irretrievable.

According to the legend, Orpheus has entered in the Underworld Kingdom of Hades exactly through The Devil’s Throat to rescue his beloved Eurydice. His love touched Hades and he allowed the couple to leave the Underworld, provided that Orpheus won’t look back. But when they pass through the cave’s Roaring Hall, he no longer heard the Eurydice’s footsteps, frightened and turned back. Her body petrified, and her soul went back in the Underworld.

You can visit The Devil’s Throat during one of our adventure tours.

Yagodina cave

With its 10,500 meters, Yagodina cave is the third longest cave in Bulgaria and the longest one in the Rhodope Mountain. Formed in Proterozoic marbles, it has three main levels and two intermediate. The third level is well laid out, with a length of the tourist route of 1100 m. Magnificent formations can be seen along the whole itinerary – stalactites, stalagmites, helictites, sinter lakes, dendrites, draperies and some of the unique formations – cave pearls. The cave has a wedding hall if you possess adventurer’s spirit. Still no matter what the case is, you can always visit the cave during our soft adventure tour.

The Magura Cave

The Magura Cave is located nearby Rabisha village, 25 km Northeast of the town of Belogradchik. It is one of the biggest caves in Bulgaria. The first traces of human presence date back to 12000 years. The unique rock paintings are the priceless treasure of the cave. According to the experts, they are at least 7000 years old. Most of them portray sacral and hunting scenes. The solar calendar created in the late Eneolith with additions from early Bronze Age surprise with its great accuracy. There are several entrances. The largest one, with height 2.80 m and width 6 m, is located on the Southern slope of the mound.

The exit leads to the Rabisha Lake, the only tectonic lake in Bulgaria. Its depth is 40 m. In the past, local people believed that the lake is bottomless. A local story tells about a shepherd who dropped his crook in the waters and it appeared later in the Timok River. A legend tells that the lake is inhabited by a monster with a bull’s head. According to the story, Rabi (the way that the locals named the monster) is a child of an enormous dragon who was buried in one of the Magura’s halls – Srutishteto (The Landslip).

According to the sagas, recorded before 160 years in the “Bulgarian ethnography” book, the cave dragon took the local people, taught them and turned them back to hand down learned. The researchers from the Archaeological Society in Belogradchik found a similar story in distant Australia, on its southeastern coast, where Aborigines were believing in human lizard who was living in a cave and came out to help them in need. They named him… Maguar.

Ledenika cave

One of the most beautiful caves in Bulgaria, Ledenika is a tourist attraction with an international importance, located 16 km Western from Vratsa. The cave impresses with its size, and in the winter grabs the people’s attention with its exquisite decoration, named after it. Because of the unique acoustics the cave vas,  concerts are organized in the Great Hall. A 5-minute multimedia upon water screen named “Water show” is also held there. Right after the film-show, the visitors will be able to see naturally formed rock formations, resembling figures of a giant, falcon, ink bottle, and etc.

Prohodna cave (also known as Eyes of God)

That is the longest cave tunnel in Bulgaria with 365 meters length and height of entrances 56 meters. The cave is naturally lighted up, as in its middle hall the ceiling is riddled caused by erosion, forming phenomenon “Oknata” or “Eyes of God” – two nearly equal-sized holes resembled eyes.
The cave is used as natural sets for few Bulgarian and foreign films, including “Time of Violence”. Prohodna is one of the few Bulgarian caves that are used for cave bungee jumping.

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