Golden Sands – one of the best beaches in the world and a place for vivid memories

The resort’s name itself – Golden Sands – describes everything. Fine, golden sand and fantastic coastal conditions. These characteristics also notice from the online travel platform Віg 7 Тravel, which lists the 50 Best Beaches in the world for summer 2021.

“Golden Sands beach is nearby Varna and is one of the most beautiful – if not the most – beaches in the region. The water is clear, and a perfect temperature for swimming, and the sand lives up to its name”, the website wrote. The beach takes 38th place in the chart, just before the Brazilian Ipanema in Rio and is the only one from Bulgaria.

The shore stripe is 3.5 km (2.18 miles) long, and some points reach a width of 100 m. The beach is flat, the seabed shelf is smooth, without rocks and stark changes in depth.

Black Sea seawater has low salinity, lower than the Mediterranean, for example. There are no dangerous fish species and animals. The conditions are suitable for kids and diving.

The resort’s story

Sixty-four years Golden Sands is one of the famous and preferable Bulgarian resorts so far. The location is in the territory of the eponymous nature park (1320.7 ha), declared a protected area in 1943.

The idea for a resort in the current area of the Bulgarian Sea coast arises in the middle 50s of the Twentieth Century. The Uzukum (Long sand in Turkish) locality, northern from Varna, attracts attention. Exactly there has a unique combination between woods and a spacious beach.

Golden Sands construction began in 1956. The built of the largest complexes and entertainment establishments, included in the resort’s original plan, took about ten years. The authors’ idea at that time was the vacation spot to combine as family tourism opportunities as development as Bulgarian balneological centre.

Еntertainment opportunities

Here’s what we can tell you about the attractions in Golden Sands in short. No matter if you like water fun or cultural-historical heritage, the resort has an offer for you.

Summer activities

For those who love any vacation activities, there are wide varieties amongst you can choose of:

  • Water skiing;
  • Windsurfing;
  • Parachute;
  • Yachts;
  • Fishing;
  • Diving lessons;
  • Outdoor Clay courts;
  • Volleyball and basketball courts;
  • Horse riding school.

The Aquapolis aquapark is also a place where you will have fun during the whole day.

Cultural Heritage

The region offers interesting cultural-historical sights which will show details about the evolution throughout the Centuries – the rock Aladja Monastery, a Basilica and late antique fortress ruins from 4-7 century A.C. in the Kaleto locality, also remains from Slavic settlement.

Nature Phenomena

The cave complex Katakombite (The Catacombs) is one of the wonders around the Golden Sands Nature Park. There is a wide diversity of plant and animal species. Some of the trees in the area are older than a century. One of the brightest representatives and a park’s landmark is a 200-old Plane tree with a stem’s girth of four meters.

Thanks to a quarter-century of professional experience in tourism, the Boiana-MG team has detailed knowledge about the hotels, food establishments and leisure activities around Golden Sands. Because one of our main aims is to assist people with a memorable stay at the Bulgarian Seaside, the company offers a variety of half-or full-day shore excursions.

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