Thracian masterpieces become new Louvre crown pearl

16th April it‘s nearby! The grand opening of the huge Thracian exposition in one of the world’s largest museums and historic monuments – The Louvre in Paris – is coming too. About that important cultural event we are so thrilled. In next few months it will become a temporary home of 325 exponents with 1628 objects of those ancient treasures found in Bulgaria.

The Saga of the Thracian Kings

The unique collection filled with golden, silver and other Thracian gems will take place in four of The Louvre Halls.

Till 20th of July visitors from all Parts of the world will have the chance to get known with marvelous masterpieces from treasures, found in Panagyurishte, Rogozen, Letnitsa, Lukovit, Borovo and more.

The exposition, named “The Saga of the Thracian Kings. Archaeological Discoveries in Bulgaria” includes ceramic and bronze objects and different types of coins.

All collection elements are carefully chosen to make complete Impression of The Odrysians and The Gets daily life, and also to show their relations with the neighbor civilizations – The Greeks and The Persians.

Our tour-craft makers are preparing fascinating routes through the places still keeping traces of ancient Thracian mystery, culture and charming stories. If you are curious to find more details, soon we will present more information. Until then you could take a look on other our trips and excursions here.

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