Saint Anastasia becomes a love’s island


The Saint Anastasia island, situated nearby Burgas, quickly gained popularity as a travel destination. Journeys from Burgas port to the island began last summer. The interest to the new attraction on the southern Black Sea increased significantly and hundreds were curious about the “small island”. It is really that sort – its whole area does not exceed 9 acres. And logically takes no more than 150 people per visit.

After the full renovation, today the island has a restaurant with 60 seats, where a delicious fish soup is offered, a lekarna (the monastery herbalist’s shop) with 25 seats, museum, gift shop, open stage, an observation platform where a magnificent panoramic sea view reveals.

This romantic island has a new mission this year. On 11th of May here will be holding a huge (according to the advert) dating event. Local men and women, as well as foreigners, have already announced their interest to find their soulmate on this piece of land in the middle of the sea. After the weddings, that there is no shortage, a new thrill will attract people to the island. Hopefully, a luck to everyone – what could be better than the love which overcomes the loneliness and connects two soulmates …

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