The Unique Code of The Bulgarian Embroidery

The Bulgarian embroidery contains a unique code that protects and accumulates energy. The beauty and the exquisiteness make the Bulgarian embroideries so different from the traditional decorations around the world.

The Bulgarian embroidery has a unique code

It turns out that the ornaments and the fabulous forms created by the old Bulgarians contain a specific order. The embroidery’s purpose is deeper than just a decoration. It is fulfilled with a power, a message, a protection.

Due to experts, the Bulgarian women had extremely deep knowledge of the geometrical meaning of the embroidery. Most of the adornments are stylized combinations of geometrical figures. A lot of wisdom is also put into the lays of the embroideries over the traditional costume.

Placed around the neckline, it influences the throat and the heart. Most of the decorations on the women traditional sleeveless dresses, as the pendari (the hanging adornments with coins’ forms strung in necklaces, earrings, and belts) also protect the solar plexus. The pafti (belt buckles) enveloped the waist as they have been near to the life’s main energy source.

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