The new Rose Museum was opened in Kazanlak


The first living Museum of Rose in Bulgaria was inaugurated during the Rose festival 2016 in Rosarium (Rose Garden) park, Kazanlak.

The unique exhibition of traditional rose-growing in the Rose Valley settles down on an area of 1200 square meters. The new building of the Rose Museum is multifunctional. The main exhibition will be located in two arcs. There are a special hall for tasting flavors, an inner courtyard for a demonstration of the rose oil producing, conference halls, multimedia room, storage areas, and playground and panoramic cafe.

The guests will be able to experience the magic of Damascena oil-yelding rose, the production of rose oil and rose water. Visitors will have the opportunity to see tools for rose gardens cultivation and containers for storage and export of rose products.

The feast is renown worldwide today. It was created nearly a century ago in honor of Bulgarian oil-yelding rose and is celebrated in Kazanlak, Karlovo, Pavel Banya, Gourkovo and Strelcha. It was held in 1903 for the first time, not only in addition to the beauty and the flowers but to the charity too.

With the launch of Podbalkanskata liniya (sub-Balkan railway line) were composed special trains for visiting the Rose Valley. Special discount tickets were issued, that citizens from different parts of Bulgaria can visit the Rose Valley during the picking, to experience the incomparable aroma of roses.

The carnival procession named “Jolly Kazanlak” was held for the first time in 1969, led by a chariot of Seuthes III and Queen Rose.

The feast is especially revered in Japan. Hundreds of tourists arrive annually from the Land of the Rising Sun. Since 2014 Second of June was pronounced for a Rose Day there. The holiday name pronounces “ro dzy” which resembles the name of a flower bush in Bulgarian.

One of the most impressive events during the festival is the ritual “Rose picking and rose brewing” that attracts official guests and foreign tourists. Rosepickers in traditional costumes, authentic folklore groups, and mummers resound rose gardens and greet the guests. They can also gather Kazanlak oil-yelding rose, taste sweet, gyulovitsa (rose brandy) and rose liqueur. The rose oil boils in gyulpanata (rose-distillery) and the farmers gift the guests with freshly produced rosewater.

Ever since 1420, when the town of Kazanlak was created, the roses growing began at the same time. Rosa Damascena is known in this region as Kazanlak oil-yelding rose. According to the legend, it was brought there by a Turkish judge who takes it from Tunisia and then planted it in his garden.


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