Eniovden (Midsummer day) – the Day of the Herbs, the Sun and the Water


24th of June is a day of magic, the sun and the healing power of the herbs in Bulgaria. It is reckoned that on that day different grasses and herbs have the greatest healing power, especially on sunrise. You may find yourself in the middle of this celebration throughout whole Bulgaria. Still, we have selected for you three places, where you can feel the feast’s influence.

Etar Architectural&Ethnographic Complex

The museum is one of the places, where Eniovden (Midsummer day) is celebrated with lots of interesting events. The contests for making of Eniov’s wreath and bunch became a tradition on this day. The two-day programme of the feast includes wreath’s knitting demonstrations, too. Museum Theatre Creative Studio will entertain the children and the young people. Actors from the Puppet Theatre from the city of Stara Zagora are going to take part in it. The guests of the open-air museum will be able to see also traditional ways of drying apples, churning-up a butter, flour-grinding, weaving belts, kneading and baking bread in the oven, dyeing with natural colours.

Delchevo Village

A great adventure expects the guests of the Bulgarian village at 25th and 26th of June when the Eniovden’s feast will be held. Locals and tourists will experience the adventure of harvesting herbs in the evening of the first day. Both adults and children will pick herbs and flowers in the forest to make Eniov’s wreaths. All will reach the “Valchova tumba” (“Valchova bunch”) area to take a “silent water”. Women and girls will pour out it from three different springs. No sound should be made during this time. The water is in a copper full with different herbs. The silent water has to assume the energy of the stars and the girls’ pure thoughts. Shortly before dawn on Sunday morning the celebration will continue with a herbs harvesting and rolling in the dewy grass, with fire wood-nymph dances. There will also be a competition for a most beautiful Eniov’s wreath (Midsummer wreath) through which people can pass for health. The Delchovo’s grandmothers will make delicious banitsi (Bulgarian cheese pie). Meanwhile, a red and white wine will gush of the two fountains in the village’s square.

Stara Zagora Mineral Baths

Eniov’s festival, dedicated to the harvest, hydrotherapy, herbs and nutrition gather together hundreds at the resort each year. This year the event will continue three days – 24th, 25th, and 26th of June. The feast will start on Friday evening with a large rock concert under the stars. The most attractive event will take place in the next morning, on the Midsummer Day’s eve, when dozens of enthusiasts will welcome the sunrise and will dance barefoot a traditional horo (Bulgarian folklore dance) for health and rich harvest. Due to the legend, if a man bathed in a dew before sunrise on that day, he will be healthy and lucky through the whole year. The second feast’s day is devoted entirely to the Bulgarian folklore. There will be musical and dance contest for folklore groups all over the country.

Eniovden (Midsummer) is just one of the interesting events that will grab your attention in Bulgaria. Our programs offer a wide variety of similarly themed events.


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