7 curious facts about Bulgaria you didn’t know

facts about Bulgaria

What do you know about Bulgaria – little or nothing? If this coincides with truth, we prepared some trivia that will impress you and increase your interest towards this hidden gem of Europe. Instead a long exordium it is time to start.

A trivia that will impress you

Bulgaria exists more than 1300 years and never changed its name. Since 681 when the First Bulgarian Kingdom is founded keeps the same name.

The country is one of the largest wine producers in the world. Over 200 thousand tons delicious and rich wines are produced here per year.

The world largest IMAX 3D theatre is situated in Bulgarian capital Sofia. The hall has 404 seats and the largest screen in whole Europe.

Bulgaria is a large producer of high quality rose oil. The liquid is often used like an ingredient for some of the expensive perfumes, made by world famous brands.

The country has overtaken France in the past four years as the world’s biggest producer of lavender oil.

John Vincent Atanasoff, who invented the first electronic digital computer in the 1930s at Iowa State College, has Bulgarian origin.

1/3 of the country land mass is forested and almost the same part of the territory is mountainous which means there are few fine ski resorts where you can spend some splendid moments this winter. Take a look on our early bookings for the season.

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