Golden Sands – one of the best beaches in the world and a place for vivid memories

The resort’s name itself – Golden Sands – describes everything. Fine, golden sand and fantastic coastal

The Bulgarian yoghourt – a way to longevity

There are multiple ways to know Bulgaria. However, three of them have centuries-old heritage, traditions and

The earliest traces of Homo sapiens in Europe are in Bulgaria

  The first traces of Homo sapiens in Europe were found in the Bacho Kiro cave

South Legend’s video reveals the South Bulgarian Black sea coast’s beauty

Fabrizio Parisi shows the beauty of the south Bulgarian Black sea coast in his new video.

Whiskey story for connoisseurs

Good whiskey always contains history and long traditions. Twice as much is invested in the drink

New Zealand musician Thomas Oliver sang the Bulgarian mountains

Imagine how beautiful the Bulgarian mountains are, if only a story about them is able to

Plovdiv has its own typeface

The European Capital of Culture in 2019 – Plovdiv already has its own handwriting. The first

Bulgarian voices conquered Guinness World Records

Two Bulgarian folk singers entered the prestigious `Guinness Records` with their voices. Mariana Pavlova was recognized

5 breakfasts to wake up with while you are in Bulgaria

  Every sunrise in a new place brings a shiver of the unknown and a sense

The unforgettable time of the rose picking

What can you expect if you tour Bulgaria and the Balkans with us? We can not