How to say “Hello” when you come to Bulgaria

How to

These 18 basic phrases in Bulgarian language will make your stay easier and a lot more interesting. We wrote them in English and in Japan too. You can use them during your trip and will be good chance to know better the locals and the country.

おはよう – Good Morning – Добро утро (Dobro utro).
こんばんは – Good Afternoon – Добър ден (Dobur den).
おやすみなさい – Good Night – Лека нощ (Leka nosht).
ありがとう。- Thank you. – Благодаря/ Мерси (Blagodarya/Mersi)
ごめんなさい – Excuse me – Извинете/ Съжалявам (Izvinete/Sujalyavam)
はい。 – Yes – Да. (Da)
いいえ。- No – Не. (No)
乾杯!- Cheers! – Наздраве! (Nazdrave)
これは何ですか? – What is that? – Какво е това? (Kakvo e tova?)
(あなたは) 誰ですか – Who are you? – Кой сте? (Koi ste?)
(ここは) どこですか – Where is (here)? – Къде е (тук)? (Kude e (tuk)?)
何時ですか – What the time is it? – Колко е часа? (Kolko e chasa?)
いくらですか – How much is it? – Колко струва? (Kolko struva?)
わかりません – Don’t understand – Не разбирам. (Ne razbiram)
もう一度言ってください – Please, repeat. – Моля, повторете. (Molya, povtorete.)
はじめまして – It is nice to meet you – Приятно ми е. (Priyatno mi e.)
わたしの名前は…です – My name is … – Казвам се … (Kazvam se …)
あなたの名前は何ですか – What is your name? – Как се казвате? (Kak se kazvate?)

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