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The Unique Code of The Bulgarian Embroidery

The Bulgarian embroidery contains a unique code that protects and accumulates energy. The beauty and the

New Bulgarian Exhibitions in The Louvre

Bulgaria will present two new exhibitions in the Louvre in 2018 and 2019. The agreement for

You will feel at home in Bulgaria

No matter from which part of the globe you are, you will feel at home in

An authentic Bulgarian wedding gathered together 5000 guests from 5 Continents

More than 5000 guests from five continents gathered together on the meadows near Arbanassi village to

The Klianti house in the Old Town of Plovdiv is opened for visitors

The most beautiful Bulgarian revival’s house in the Old Town of Plovdiv is already opened for

The Ancient Serdica triangle tower already welcomes guests

A new cultural space opened doors in Sofia. The place is situated at the triangle tower

Golden artifacts from Ada Tepe mine are exhibiting in Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna

An unique exhibition, hosting golden artifacts from 15 Bulgarian museums, will be shown in the Kunsthistorisches

The oldest monastery in Europe

The monastery Saint Athanasius the Great is considered to be the oldest in Europe. It is

Trapezitsa Fortress Opened For Tourists From 1st Of April

The Trapezitsa Fortress – the newest tourist attraction in the Old Bulgarian capital of Veliko Tarnovo

Students created 3D animation for Martenitsa tradition (video)

Bulgarian students breathed life to the folklore heroes Pizho and Penda, thanks to a three-dimensional computer