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The oldest monastery in Europe

The monastery Saint Athanasius the Great is considered to be the oldest in Europe. It is

Brussels will Dance a Giant Horo for the Fifth Time

The Giant Horo is a part of the programme of the annual Balkan Trafik Festival that

The proto-Bulgarian Calendar is the oldest one in the world, recognized by UNESCO

The proto-Bulgarian Calendar is the oldest one in the world, recognized by UNESCO. According to it,

Bulgarian Folklore Song Fascinates The World Once Again In An Israeli DJ’s Project (Video)

The Bulgarian folklore song Chichovite konya (The uncle’s horses) became part of the Israeli DJ Sagi

10 curious facts about Varna

The Dolphinarium in Varna is the only attraction of its kind on the Balkans. Opasen Char

The oldest processed gold in Europe was discovered near Pazardzhik, Bulgaria

A processed gold, older than this found in the Varna Necropolis, was discovered near Pazardzhik, Bulgaria.

Eniovden (Midsummer day) – the Day of the Herbs, the Sun and the Water

24th of June is a day of magic, the sun and the healing power of the

A Holiday Mass for the Slavonic Literature Day was served in the new Bulgarian Church of San Paolo alla Regola in Rome

An Official Bulgarian delegation annually visits Rome on the eve of 24th of May (the day

Curios Facts You Must Know about the Cyrillic Alphabet

What do you know about the Cyrillic alphabet? Perhaps once you’ve tried to read the word

Lonely Planet includes Rila Monastery in its Ultimate Travelist 2015

The world leading travel guide Lonely Planet makes a first-of-its-kind Ultimate Travelist 2015 with the 500