New attraction in Golden Sands Resort: AN UNIQUE TABLE FOOTBALL


At the height of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, the emotions at the Bulgarian seaside resorts are getting high, too. It is not about the usual gathering at a glass of beer in front of the TVs in the hotel lobbies, restaurants or bars. But for something extremely new, named „HUMAN SOCCER”.

The famous “Table Soccer” is hidden behind this strange name, but with one very important difference. The hotel chain GRIFID in Golden Sands resort organizes for their guests from the hotels Bolero, Vistamar and Metropol a football contest, at a big air inflated table soccer field, in which the players are the participants of the game by themselves.

The aim is of course to score more goals than the other team and that happens with very limited body moves, great portion of improvisations and all that garnished with a lot of smilesand fun.

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