Bulgarian yoghourt is ranked to be the best milk product in US and is favourite in China

Bulgarian yoghourt was rank on 1st place in the United States for 2016 among the milk

Plovdiv is the Second best place for wine tourism in the world

Plovdiv and the Thracian Lowlands are ranked to be on the second place of the 10

All flights lead to Sofia

As all roads lead to Rome, there are lots of low-cost companies’ flights that will bring

UNESCO recognizes The National Folklore Fair in Koprivshtica as an element of Intangible Cultural Heritage

The National Folklore Fair in Koprivshtica became the fifth Bulgarian Cultural element that was added to

The World Snow Day will be held on the 14th of January in Borovets

The famous Bulgarian winter resort Borovets once again will be part of the World Snow Day

The Male Ice Horo Dance in Kalofer – a Candidate for UNESCO

Due to an ancient tradition, the 6th of January is celebrated as Yordanovden (Epiphany) in Bulgaria.

Varna will be the European Youth Capital in 2017

Varna is the next European Youth Capital. The Bulgarian coastal city was elected in a close

Bansko is in Top 25 winter resorts in the world

The famous Bulgarian winter resort Bansko received the award of World Ski Awards Academy for the

The new winter season starts on December 17 in Borovets

The Bulgarian winter resort Borovets will open officially the next ski season on 17th of December.

The Tsarevets Royal Palace in Veliko Tarnovo will be restored

The Tsarevets Royal Palace in the Second Bulgarian capital Veliko Tarnovo will be restored. The town