The science confirms: The travelling can improve your health


If there is a way to improve your health and lifestyle at the same time, you would take advantage, wouldn’t you?

Several studies show that travel not only takes a breather from work but also improve the health and quality of life. Those who love to travel, know how exciting can be one trip. Nothing gives us more energy from a nice journey through the holiday, and this article contains scientific evidence about that.

The actual planning of the journey increases happiness and joy

A research at the University of Surrey, made in 2002, found that people are happier when they are about a trip in the near future. A man is happy when exciting vacation lies ahead, our relatives are calm about our finances and quality of life as going on vacation is a sign of prosperity. The scientists from the University of Cornwell maintain that people are happier when they will travel on vacation than when they buy some item.

The travelling help us to reduce stress and negative emotions

Sometimes a man just wants to go away. The journey is not always related to any sightseeing. From time to time, it is simply a way to escape from the places we visit daily. Studies about stress made in America in 2013 show that going on holiday reduces stress because it is away from activities that cause it. The vacation helps us to restart our emotions, scientists say.

The travel reduces the probability of depression

The modern way of life characterized by permanent engagement leads to stress, irritability and negative effects on our performance, efficiency and well-being. According to a study of the Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin, women who take a break more rarely are more likely to suffer from depression and stress than  the women who go on vacation at least twice a year,. Fortunately, when it comes to the benefits of travel, the release of stress takes the top of the list.

Dr. Margaret King, director of the Center for Research and Analysis of Culture explains how the trip helps to relieve stress and improve our overall well-being.

According to her: “There are many psychological benefits of changing the location away from home and work environment.” With a short list of activities every day we can get rid of household troubles and relationships by helping your mind to recover, as we do with the body, release of stress is the main result of the trip.”

“People thrive on novelty,” she added, and the trip offers the full package with new experiences, people, sights, and sounds. We feel happier, better rested and more energetic when we get back from vacation.

The travelling enriches personal experience and understanding of the true nature of life

Some people think that as more material possessions accumulate, as they will provide themselves with greater happiness. However, the material goods like cars, mansions, jewelry, depreciate with age, and thus the satisfaction of them decreases throughout the years. The travelling fades after a while, but still adorns memory.

Even short trips enrich you because you enjoy the different cultures, traditions, passions and perspectives when travelling. Ultimately, everyone who goes on a trip becomes more enlightened and engaged world citizen.

A study of Cornell University in New York in 2010 found that this is true: To buy travel experience brings more happiness in the long-term plan than buying items.

The travel reduces the risk of heart attack

The scientific studies have found that men who do not take a break for few years are 30% more likely to get a heart attack. These people who go on vacation regularly are with 21 percent less likely to get such a complication. Women who go on vacation only once every six years are eight times more likely to suffer from a heart attack.

If look in these studies in depth, we can give an answer why this is so. The travellers tend to be more active than those who spend most of their time sitting in the office insisted all day.

The tourists can walk more than 10 kilometers per day while sightseeing and visiting distant places. They are also more likely to try new activities during their travels, such as hiking, canoeing, and diving. These activities stimulate physical and mental health of a person.

According to the World Federation of the heart, moderate exercises reduce the risk of heart attack by 30% to 50%. So the science confirms that you will make yourself a favor if you travelling regularly.

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