The oldest processed gold in Europe was discovered near Pazardzhik, Bulgaria

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A processed gold, older than this found in the Varna Necropolis, was discovered near Pazardzhik, Bulgaria. The bead was unearthed by the team of Arch. Yavor Boyadzhiev during the studying of the ancient “The City of Birds” near the Yunatsite village. The golden bead was dated about seven thousand years therefore it becomes the oldest in Europe.

“The City of Birds”

that existed between the sixth and fourth millennium B. C. was named after clay figurines – half-birds, half-men found in the Yunatsite mound, and also from the signs of a high developed organization of life.

The excavations reveal a town with a fortifying area. The archaeologists still could not confirm the origin of the finds whether they were parts of some production or lodging. The local inhabitants were carriers of a high development culture – farmers who came from Anatolia, who knew a number of technologies. They have lived completely satisfied materially, but their civilization was destroyed by primitive tribes.

Arch. Boyadzhiev believes that the processed gold piece found in a “nondescript” building with absolute certainty is older than the Varna precious finds, dating between 4400 – 4100 B. C. According to him the discovery is really important.

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