The oldest golden treasure in the world is found in Bulgaria


An exquisite golden piece of jewellery aged about 6300 years B.C. found in the oldest European town. The find is uncovered in the prehistorical settlement nearby the Bulgarian city Provadia. If the age of the jewellery is authentic, it becomes one of the oldest artifacts in the world.

The ancient golden piece of jewellery

“We find gold for the first time here, otherwise the finds are hundreds”, said prof. Vasil Nikolov, the archeologist, who led the excavations. In that case, the artifact is a 2-grams pendant and the scientists suppose the gold is 23-24 carats. According to Prof. Nikolov the settlement aged about 4300 B.C., but the metal is 200-300 years older.

The golden pendant is an equal piece of jewellery art like the treasures of the oldest process gold of the Varna Necropolis. The find confirms once again the theory of Prof. Nikolov: there was one complex prehistorical community, rising around Varna Lake because of salt producing for distant trade markets.

“First the salt played the role of exchange value and afterwards the gold came. Because of that Provadia – The Saltern has been defined as the first and oldest monetary court in Europe”, said prof. Nikolov.

Throughout this archeological season the scientists found lots of arrowheads around the Citadel stone walls, bone adornments, and totally saved bone idol, who could be announced as a badge of Provadia after end of its full researching. All findings will exhibit in the local museum.

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