Koprivshtitsa is one of the 30 best places in Europe


The Bulgarian town Koprivshtitsa is placed in the list of the 30 best places in Europe, according to the Japanese tourist board. All of them now are promoted as “must-visit” destinations for Japanese tourists, picked by 300 Japanese travel agents. The experts were presented with the challenge to pick the best by the Japanese Association of Travel Agents (JATA), which wants to promote travel to attractive little places in Europe.

Major historical place

The town of Koprivshtitsa is one of best preserved Bulgarian places with typical atmosphere of the National Revival period. Most of the houses there were declared architectural monuments from the period. They have been restored to their original appearance.

One of the major folklore events took place in the town surroundings since 1965. The National Folklore Fair completed its 50 anniversary in 2015. The feast is organized every five years in Koprivshtitsa, gathering musicians, artists and craftsmen from across Bulgaria.

In August 2015 was held the 11th Edition of the National Folklore Fair, when its 50th anniversary was celebrated. The Voivodec area nearby the town became an arena of the biggest authentic Bulgarian performance.

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