“Cosmic voices from Bulgaria” won global music competition


The Bulgarian choir “Cosmic voices from Bulgaria” with conductor Vanya Moneva won “Peoples Sing Choral Competition” (LTPS) in Munich, Germany. They performed two songs “Dilmano, Dilbero” and “Mechmetio” in Studio 1 of the Bavarian radio.

Cosmic voices from Bulgaria

“Peoples Sing Choral Competition” (LTPS) is an international contest, organized by Euroradio every two years since 1961 as a BBC contest for British choruses.

The participants compete in three categories – Children and Youth, Adult and Open (for folklore, jazz, gospel choirs). In 2015, edition takes part choirs from Denmark, Romania, USA, Austria, Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom and Latvia.

The Bulgarian “Cosmic voices from Bulgaria” was founded in 1994 by the producer Emil Minev when was released and its first CD. Now it includes 18 female singers in different regions in Bulgaria.

Cosmic Voices from Bulgaria recorded also some music for the Italian Film Production of “NOMAD II 2005”, music by Carlo Siliotto and the Japanese cartoon – “KIBA”, music by Jun Miyake.

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