“Yaica po Panagurski” is an amazing dish according Japanese culinary journalist

Photo via Cookpad.com

For a week, a popular Japanese culinary website revealed the secrets of the Bulgarian national cuisine. Margarita and Stefan Papukchievi presented the traditional local cuisine to the journalist Misato Okaña from Tokyo.

From all the described and tasted recipes, the most surprising and interesting dish for the Japanese journalist was “Yaica po Panagurski” (Panagyrian eggs – eggs with yogurt souse and white cheese – Yaitsa po panagurskiというブルガリアのスープです。簡単にできて、作るのも食べるのも楽しい一品です。).

Many photos and a detailed description of the recipe are published on the site, and the comment is that this dish, which looks like a strange white soup, is made only from white products – yogurt, cheese, eggs, and some crushed garlic. With the only exception of the hot butter and a pinch of red pepper on the top.

The most unexpected thing in the whole process of cooking is the mixing of the cold yogurt with the hot eggs and the melted butter. The dish is easy, tasty, refreshing and recommended, says the culinary specialist.

“I want to make this recipe immediately,” is one of the reactions of a reader in the website, impressed by the Yaica po panagurski.

Another dish is also very popular among the Japanese. “I can eat this salad every day, you can prepare it only for 5 minutes, but it is delicious and very pleasant,” says Missa Okana for our traditional Shopska salad.

The recipes with the necessary ingredients and measurements can also be found on https://cookpad.com/recipe.

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