The Easter eggs are drown with an ancient technology in Velingrad


An ancient tradition dedicated to the great Christian Easter holiday exists in Velingrad. Due to old custom women in Chepino region draw Easter eggs by pen and wax. Annually they present their art in the eve of the feast.

Some of them draw the eggs same like their mothers and grandmothers, others seek out and try new motifs. But all together, they build the glory of written Velingrad eggs. And it spread not only in the city with numerous mineral spring but also all over the country.

The wax technique and handmade ornaments is shown admire at permanent exhibitions organized every year in Velingrad, also in many other cities all over Bulgaria. Children from the region are also involved in the secrets of the drawing eggs. They learn the art in the specialized workshops under the auspices of the local historical museum and participate in contests and competitions.

Boiana-MG offers this attraction to its foreign tourists when they visit Velingrad. They are very impressed and we are happy that this craftsmanship of the local women became popular far beyond the borders of Bulgaria.

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