Students created 3D animation for Martenitsa tradition (video)

Bulgarian students breathed life to the folklore heroes Pizho and Penda, thanks to a three-dimensional computer animation. The young people want to present Bulgarian traditions and culture to the world by a short movie.

One of the legends says that Pizho and Penda lived at Bulgarian Lands long long time ago. The girl was the prettiest, and the young man – dashing and hardworking. Their love happened at first sight. Everybody felt the magic between them. Dedicated to their love, people create white and red figures from wool threads. Everybody adorned each other on the first day of March.

Pizho and Penda are cartoons for the first time in the “Red and white” animation. The creators – Nikol Nikolova and Joanna Ivanova, both are graduating Computer animation in the United Kingdom and dream to work in professional filmmaking. They have been worked on the story creation for about seven months.

“We want to create a project, that directly touches every Bulgarian and also will show one interesting, different and not so popular tradition and culture to the world”, commented Nikol.


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