Plovdiv has its own typeface

Image by Мария Добрева from Pixabay

The European Capital of Culture in 2019 – Plovdiv already has its own handwriting. The first font inspired by the residents` handwriting and guests of the city was officially launched in the beginning of November.

The font is the result of the project “The Handwriting of Plovdiv” which collected over 3800 samples and touched on the most characteristic handwriting habits of Plovdiv residents. In addition to the font presenting the curious results of the study, the designers at Typedepot and Studio Punkt further developed the design into more functional print versions of the font that any Plovdiv resident could use. Fonts can be downloaded for free at


Plovdiv – One of the Best Global Destinations in 2019, according Independent


The seven fonts in the font family are: Plovdiv Script, Plovdiv Display Light, Plovdiv Display Regular, Plovdiv Display Bold, Plovdiv Sans and the fun Plovdiv Pictograms and Plovdiv Maina Mode. All fonts support Cyrillic and Latin.


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