New Zealand musician Thomas Oliver sang the Bulgarian mountains

Image by Kremena_Dimitrova from Pixabay

Imagine how beautiful the Bulgarian mountains are, if only a story about them is able to inspire song writing! On live they are even more wonderful, we do not exaggerate.

When she hears about Bulgaria by chance from her friend Martina, the musician Thomas Oliver from New Zealand is inspired and decided to write a song that sings our beautiful mountains.

“When I was in Holland … she told me that she had left her university to go back to Bulgaria and go around the Bulgarian mountains,” said Thomas about the girl who infects him with her love for her country.



“Up to this point, I knew nothing about your country and that there are so many mountains in Bulgaria. When she told me she wanted to go around them, I wanted her tell me more. I was impressed by the fact that someone could leave their entire live to go around the mountains, ”told the author to the Bulgarian media.

“After my tour in Europe, I decided to visit Sofia. Then I met Martin again. We had dinner with her and her family at a traditional Bulgarian restaurant. The food was great. There was a great Bulgarian ritual outside. It was extremely beautiful in your capital, ” the musician adds.

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